What Color Should I Paint My House Exterior?


Choosing the right color for your home can be a daunting task. There are so many colors to consider, and they all look different in different lights. However, there are some things you should know before deciding on what color to paint your house exterior.

Understanding Color Theory

Before choosing the right color, it is important to understand the basics of color theory. This involves understanding what certain colors communicate to others, as well as how they will look in various lighting situations. Colors can influence how you perceive your surroundings and change the mood of any space. For example, a warm yellow or orange may feel comforting and inviting, while using cool blue or green tones might make an area appear colder or more formal (Source). While these are generalizations, color theory is a great starting point when choosing what color to paint your home exterior.

Consider Your Exterior Structure

The final color you choose for your house should also take into account the structure of your home. Homes with white or pale exteriors will look best with bolder colors, while darker-colored houses can handle more muted shades. Additionally, if you have a lot of natural wood features on or around your property like siding, decks, and fences, this needs to be taken into consideration. Once you’ve determined which type of architecture your home has and how it works with different colors and shades, finding the right shade becomes much easier.

What Color Should I Paint A Modern House?

If you have a modern home, choosing the right color can be difficult. There are so many beautiful and unique modern houses out there, and it can be hard to find one that the shade of paint is just right for. For example, popular modern designs include those with clean lines, dormer windows or flat roofs (Source), which look great in deeper tones like midnight blue or forest green. In addition to choosing a deep color, you should also consider using siding made from materials such as cedar shingles or steel panels instead of painting your entire exterior. This will give your property a fresh look without making major changes.

What Color Should I Paint A Traditional House?

Traditional homes typically feature a lot of architectural elements that are perfect for bright, bold shades. Depending on the look you’re going for, paint works well when paired with historical features like a bricked chimney or classic shutters. Again, it is important to consider your exterior structure before making final decisions about what color to paint your home exterior. If you have a lot of natural wood features on or around your property, using white or off-white can help those elements stand out against the backdrop of the rest of your house.


Overall, choosing the perfect color for your home can be a difficult task. However, by understanding the basics of color theory and taking into account factors like building materials and size, you can find the right color to make your house’s exterior look beautiful and inviting.