5 DIY Home Renovation Ideas To Try This Winter


Winter is a great time for home improvement projects. It’s the perfect season to do some renovations, repair tasks and updates around your house. Not only will you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself, but you might also save money in the process by avoiding expensive contractors. Here are 5 DIY home renovation ideas this winter that can help you improve your living space while spending less on materials and professionals.

1. Painted Floors

Painting a floor can be one of the cheapest and easiest ways to give it a new look without replacing it entirely with something new. This DIY idea works best with existing concrete floors, however, since they are porous enough to allow paint to stick well onto them. Make sure that you clean the floor thoroughly before painting it to remove any dust or debris. Use a concrete paint primer first, add 2 layers of your chosen color, and then seal it with 2 coats of high-gloss polyurethane.

2. Faux Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are traditionally elegant and expensive. However, you can create a faux version for much less by using colored acetate sheets instead of real stained glass panels. Paint them in several bright colors or pastels and stick them on front of fashionable white window frames for an instant transformation. For best results, make sure that you use nonporous surfaces like glass or acrylic and apply easy spray adhesive from a distance to get better control over where the sheets go.

3. Pallet Fences

Pallets are a great resource for DIY projects because they can come in many different sizes and shapes. One of the best uses for pallet wood is to make a garden fence from them or even a single panel that you can place over an existing railing outdoors. They are very easy to install by either lining them side-by-side on the ground or stacking them vertically, depending on your preference. Also, you can paint these fences any color you want in order to match your house exteriors better.

4. New Kitchen Countertops

Making new kitchen countertops from scratch is something that requires skills and experience unless it’s essentially just changing an old laminate layer with a new one. If you prefer to use natural materials, such as marble or granite for this particular project, then you might consider hiring an experienced contractor that can help make it easier on the basis of your initial plans. In addition to watching DIY videos online, there are many different guides available that can teach you everything from material preparation and cutting while adhering to existing layout designs.

5. Plank Wall Covering

Installing wood planks in your home is a great way to get a rustic or vintage feel without having to invest in expensive hardwood flooring products. You can purchase high-quality planks at reasonable prices if you look in the right places and follow specific tips before buying them so they fit well into your budget. They are usually easy to install in any room and can help you save money on material costs by covering most of the surface with them.


Follow these home renovation tips this winter if you want a fresh new look for your house that’s inexpensive and accessible at the same time. Not only will you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself, but you might also save money in the process by avoiding expensive contractors. Good luck with all your DIY projects!